I just saw these McQueen pumps in Elle and had to share:

WTF? Are they made of real human skin?! Who would even wear these?? Shoes should not have toenails. That is all.


DIY #1

Just wanted to share the necklace that I made last week. It was super easy, I only used some felt, studs, jump rings, and a length of chain. I really like the mixed silver and gold studs, it makes it easy to wear other jewelry of either.

(Sorry for the shitty picture........working of self-timer skills I promise!)

I took a little bit of inspiration from this Marni piece, although it didn't end up looking much like it! I plan on making another version with more similar colours. I'm really into bib style necklaces right now.

I just stocked up on supplies this weekend so expect a lot of DIYs in the future. I also made a chain harness that I need to share soon!


One a Day Challenge

Since moving across the country a couple of months ago (and receiving my student loans), I have been shopping way more than necessary, in an effort to replenish my wardrobe. The entire spare room has been taken over by my thrift store finds and online purchases. Because this is getting a little ridiculous, I've put myself on a shopping ban - No more new clothes until I have worn everything in my closet. I hope that this will help my creativity and also push me out of my comfort zone a little. I will challenge myself to wear something new every day, and not just the obvious "go to" choices.

Before the self-imposed ban, I found some awesome pieces that will definitely be worn once they arrive:

From Ebay. I'm not immune to the current blogging world obsessions with exposed zippers and neon. I'm excited to try layering this different ways, especially pairing it with different pants and skirts.

Both from www.myspringshoes.com. I almost always prefer to wear heels, but lately I have been living in my tall motorcycle boots for their comfort. warmth, and versatility. However, when I realized that every pair of boots on the site was on sale I could not resist picking up a couple of pairs. I also bought some shoes that I will post once I wear them. If you live in Canada, be sure to check out the amazing deals on the site (no international shipping :(). This is the sister company to Aldo, where everything is also on sale right now.

I'll be sure to post some outfit photos once the challenge begins...today I will most likely be staying home in my pajamas :)